Spend high sweet chariot

With the 2015 Rugby World Cup now fast approaching, host nation England have come up with an innovative new way of "launching" their new shirt for the competition.

England's official kit manufacturer Canterbury are inviting Red Rose fans to visit their website or Facebook and Twitter pages to commit their support to Stuart Lancaster's team.   And in return, the shirt design will be revealed on their personal social media feeds on Monday 6 July when the kit is unveiled at Twickenham. 

As a dedicated follower of reigning Six Nations champions Ireland, I've felt unable to give my love and will instead have to wait to see the pictures plastered all over the internet that day. 

Also, were I an England supporter, I'm not sure I could justify forking out the £120 being asked for the shirt itself.  My enthusiasm would be lessened further by the realisation that England players may only have it on their backs for a grand total of three games if they fail to qualify for the knock-out stages and have to wear an alternative kit against Fiji, who also play in white.      

Still, I'm sure it's very nice.