The finger of ill fate

We'll be hearing a lot about photo opportunities between now and the General Election as politicians across the Kingdom seek to portray themselves in the best possible light in the quest for votes.

Yes, if hi-vis jackets and hard hats are your things, then you'll be in luck over the next three months should you choose to open a newspaper or switch on your TV in the quest for "news."

But photo opportunities can go very, very wrong.

To illustrate, whether he becomes the next British Prime Minister or not this spring, it is unlikely that Labour Leader Ed Miliband will ever truly live down his spectacular encounter with a bacon sandwich.       

Poor bloke.  Should've stuck to cheese and onion.

But earlier this week Ed's mishap was arguably matched when Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne joined David Cameron on a visit to a cider factory in Somerset.

At first glance, nothing seems amiss.  

But have a look at his other hand - or rather, finger.


It seems most improbable that Mr Miliband ever finished his bacon sandwich.  But it's almost certain that Mr Osborne had a stiff drink after seeing his little faux pas.