Blackpool howler

The quest for good PR certainly does know bounds - including common sense and decency -  as the owners of a Blackpool hotel have found out.

Tony and Jan Jenkinson from Whitehaven in Cumbria recently spent the night at the Broadway Hotel in Blackpool and weren't impressed by what they got in return for their £36.

So they did what is the way of things these days and posted a less than warm review on TripAdvisor. 

The hotel's response?  They charged an extra £100 on the couple's credit card after an apparent breach of the booking form fine print which warned of a penalty fee for leaving negative comments.  Mr Jenkinson later claimed that his wife hadn't been wearing her glasses when she signed on the dotted line.  

It emerged today that Blackpool Trading Standards have now spoken to management at the Broadway Hotel who have promised to refrain from fining future guests for expressing derogatory views. 

That's if they are fortunate enough to attract any future guests.