Leeds: A city so good, they named it 3 times

“Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!” is a familiar chant to any self-respecting football fan, particularly those living in and around the city itself. 

Lifted from the final line of Leeds United’s famous anthem “Marching on Together,” it is the wont of every member of the Elland Road faithful to stand up and sing the words proudly when the song is played before kick-off and the start of the second half at every home game.

But whilst the football club has had its “troubles” over recent years (a polite understatement), the city itself has been absolutely on the up and up.

And nowhere more so than the city centre where hugely impressive buildings have been regularly bursting out of the ground with more on the way.

Clarkson on Twitter

Clarkson on Twitter

So much so that arch-cynic himself Jeremy Clarkson (pictured) has taken to Twitter in praise of Yorkshire’s unofficial capital.

Passing through Leeds railway station yesterday, the Top Gear big gob tweeted: “What’s happened to Leeds? It looks like New York.”

That observation - shared with his 4.26 million followers - has since been retweeted more than 1,300 times.

I've never concurred with that tired old adage that "there's no such thing as bad publicity.” 

But, on balance, the Yorkshire-born writer and presenter's words must surely be a positive development for the city.  

Come on, he's not Piers Morgan.