Car crash for Clarkson

So now we know; Jeremy Clarkson is gone.

In case you haven't heard, the BBC has this afternoon confirmed that the Top Gear presenter's contract will not be renewed after a physical and verbal assault on his producer.  (The eagle-eyed will have spotted that he hasn't therefore been sacked, rather not re-employed). 

In organisational terms, the BBC seemed to have little choice (other than to actually sack him).  Had an employee struck a colleague in any other large corporation, the expectation would surely be instant dismissal.  

But, in PR terms, the fact that the BBC is publicly funded and the story got "out," well, what else could Director General Tony Hall be expected to do (other than wait 17 days to act)?

Commenting shortly after the news was announced, Clarkson's Top Gear co-presenter James May was asked who he thought might replace Jezza.

He replied that whilst he quite liked working with Clarkson, "I think he's a nob."