PMQs: New class war breaks out in Commons

After last week's understandably subdued exchanges following the sad death of Charles Kennedy, today's Prime Minister's Questions had a much more familiar, shouty feel about it.  And thank goodness for that.   

But whilst Labour's Harriet Harman at least tried to give the impression that she was going about her acting leader duties with the utmost seriousness, David Cameron wasn't all that bothered. 

He led his Conservative colleagues to a majority election victory, you see - the Holy Grail for any party leader.  And he intends to toast his personal triumph for as long as he can possibly get away with it.   

Annoyingly for him, displays of unabated joy from political opponents don't go down well with Ms Harman.

"He doesn’t need to do ranting and sneering and gloating," she spat as Mr Cameron decided against answering her latest question. "Frankly, he should show a bit more class.” 

But, after a brief pause, Mr Cameron chose to continue with his celebrations.

His excitement levels reached new heights a few moments later when Andrea Jenkyns, who snatched the Morley and Outwood seat from the Prime Minister's former bogeyman Ed Balls last month, rose nervously to ask a question.  

"Her election result was one I was dreaming of!" he boomed to cheers from the blue team, as Labour MPs sunk further into their seats.

Barring unforeseen disaster for Mr Cameron, their nightmare seems set to continue until a new Opposition leader is elected in the autumn.  Think summer of discontent.