A special put down for the Special One

It's unlikely that Dublin-based amateur football club St Mochta’s FC will ever have the opportunity to challenge Premier League Champions Chelsea on the field of play.  But in PR terms, they have just handed the London giants something of a hammering.

As you may have heard on the news, last weekend Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho took it upon himself to issue a public rebuke to team doctor Eva Carneiro after she ran onto the pitch to aid his supposedly stricken star player Eden Hazard.  TV replays have since shown that she was summoned to action by the referee.

The self-styled Special One launched into his hissy fit as his team were already down to 10 men - the starting Chelsea goalkeeper having been sent off - and any injured player is compelled to briefly depart the field following treatment.   

After remonstrating  on the touchline, Mourinho later publicly described Dr Carneiro as “impulsive and naïve” for temporarily leaving him a player down, and said she needed to “understand the game.”

But it didn't end there.  Rather than seek to quell the public relations blaze, the club then let it be known that their doctor's role would change and she would no longer be allowed to sit on the bench during games. 

Cue St Mochta’s FC who tweeted Dr Carneiro to advise that they had a vacancy for a club doctor which she might wish to fill.  And seeking to further entice, they added: "You can even sit on the bench. Free family season ticket."

Her response is as yet unknown.  But whatever happens, it's ten out of ten for ingenuity to the Dublin amateurs - and a big fat zero to Jose and his even fatter ego.