PMQs: It's Jeremy from Islington

Newly-elected Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn made his debut at the House of Commons Despatch Box today and, after a tough first few days in the job, will probably feel quite pleased with how it went. 

The  Islington North MP promised to bring a different approach to Prime Minister's Questions and he certainly did that.  His tactic centred on choosing questions from members of the public to put to David Cameron.  And, with more than 40,000 people answering his call to email suggestions, he had plenty to choose from.

Marie, Steven and Angela were just three of six wannabe inquisitors who had their words read out, encompassing a range of subjects from housing to tax credits to mental health services. 

Disdainfully swatting away questions from a fellow politician is normal form in the House of Commons.  T'was ever thus.  But to denigrate the concerns of a named member of the public is very much a no-no.

As such, the Prime Minister made certain to give a detailed - and civil - reply to each question relayed by Mr Corbyn.  But therein lies the immediate problem for the new Comrade Leader.

Mr Cameron has a well-earned reputation - even amongst his most bitter opponents - for being well-briefed and on top of policy detail, which he is happy to espouse for as long as time allows.

Today he was effectively presented with a platform to address some of the most nagging current concerns of "ordinary people" - and speak to those people directly.  And rather than seek to pick holes in the Prime Minister's arguments,  Mr Corbyn - looking very much the geography teacher in a beige jacket and dark trousers but sounding like a radio host - simply moved on to a new question from the next "caller."

Whether this approach will work for him in the longer term remains to be seen.  But, after a faltering start to his leadership, it is likely that Team Corbyn will be feeling a mixture of relief and pleasure that their man came through unscathed.