London's Tour de France Non-Depart

There were howls of disbelief across Yorkshire this morning when it emerged that London had pulled out of hosting the start of the 2017 Tour de France because, according to Mayor Boris Johnson, "it wasn't worth it."

Last year's Grand Depart famously attracted millions of people onto the streets of God's Own County and, according to a report, generated an estimated £128 million for the economy.   

In common with the London 2012 Olympics, there was a real degree of scepticism before it got underway. But, with the exception of a handful of nimbies who you'd hate to sit beside at a wedding, everyone loved it. 

On the face of it, for London to turn away the world's biggest annual sporting event a mere day before contracts were due to be signed is nothing short of breathtaking.  

But London does have form.

Sports purists may remember that, having won the rights to stage the 2005 World Athletics Championships, our capital city subsequently withdrew after problems with the stadium. 

So what to do?  Well, isn't it obvious?

Why not build more and better sporting facilities here in Yorkshire and hold all future UK international sporting events solely in this region?  And don't invite Boris Johnson.

Job done.