New Year cheer for Leeds rail users

Some much-needed New Year cheer for Leeds commuters this morning with the opening of the new £20.4 million southern entrance to the city's railway station. 

An estimated 20,000 passengers are expected to walk through its doors each day, while additional customer information screens, ticket machines and automated ticket gates should help to reduce congestion and generally improve the experience for station users.

The Government contributed £12.4 million to the project which was delivered in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Network Rail.  

Commenting on the development - that includes a new concourse, escalators, stairs, lifts and additional cycle storage -  Transport Minister Andrew Jones said he believed journeys would now be "quicker and more convenient for thousands of passengers every day."  

He added: "We’re determined to provide Leeds and Yorkshire with a transport network to support its ambitions with new rail franchises, new rail stations and major road upgrades to drive the region’s growth."

Let's hope his intentions stay on the rails.