Will Theresa May soon be handed her real P45?

If you haven't seen Theresa May's speech at Conservative Party Conference as yet, it's probably best to witness it from behind a sofa.  And it might prove to be an even more difficult listen.

It was a car crash, a nightmare, a total unmitigated disaster.  No matter what your politics are, on a human level, it was nigh on impossible not to feel intensely sorry for her.

Firstly she was ambushed by a prankster who handed her "a P45 from Boris."

May P45.jpg

Expect to see that picture a lot for as long as Mrs May remains in Number 10.

Then the Prime Minister's voice went.  Again and again and again - for the best part of 40 minutes.

It was embarrassing, excruciating and hellish to watch.   

And finally, the stage itself began to disintegrate as letters fell off the backdrop.

An F disappeared first, followed swiftly be an E.   

Shortly after the Prime Minister had left the stage, this was what remained. 

CPC set.jpg

One can only feel sympathy for her plight, through no fault of her own.

Will the run of unconnected mishaps affect her ability to hold on to her job?  In truth, it shouldn't. But image matters a lot in politics these days.

The public and media reaction in the coming hours and days will prove pivotal for Theresa May's future. 

At least she was big enough to laugh at poke fun at herself on Twitter immediately afterwards.