Unity chief executive welcomes appointment of new Housing Secretary



Ali Akbor, the chief executive of Leeds-based housing association Unity Homes and Enterprise, has said he hopes the appointment of James Brokenshire as Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government will place the need for more affordable homes higher up the Government’s agenda.

Mr Akbor said: “I congratulate Sajid Javid on becoming the first person from a BME-background to be appointed Home Secretary and wish him well in the job.

“However, I regret that he did not do more to tackle the ongoing national housing crisis and hope that James Brokenshire will soon develop a more impressive record of achievement. 

“Mr Brokenshire has a sound reputation in Whitehall and is known to be close to Theresa May following their many years together in the Home Office.    

“I am hopeful that having the Prime Minister’s ear will allow him to advance affordable housing much higher up the Government’s domestic policy agenda and enable associations such as Unity to build the many more new homes that people desperately need.”