The first ever VANBAR associates Christmas e-card is all done and ready to go, which we're very pleased about.  

And you'll hopefully be relieved to learn that it's a little more relaxed in style than Tony and Cherie Blair's official card which is now doing the rounds.   

It has long been common for public figures - particularly from the political world - to produce "portrait" style cards, often featuring their children as unwilling appendages.  I used to see a lot of them when I worked in Parliament and some were certainly more memorable than others.  

But what you can see above is without question one of the most bizarre I've encountered.  Cold, stiff and arguably on the wrong side of madness.  (And I dread to think what Cherie's doing with her missing arm).  Yes, that's the Blairs for you. 

Still, it is (almost) Christmas so "Season's Greetings" to them too.