Nobody puts baby in a corner

We at VANBAR associates are committed to the maintenance of non-party political approach to our work.  But with a General Election just five months away, I'm sure you'll permit us the occasional indulgence of highlighting instances when one of our esteemed political masters goes off piste. 

Step forward UKIP Leader Nigel Farage.

During his regular LBC radio phone-in earlier today, the former stockbroker turned self-proclaimed man of the people was asked for his views about an incident at Claridge's in London when a woman was requested to cover up with a napkin while breastfeeding her baby daughter.    

Super Nigel's view?  That some people were uncomfortable with "ostentatious" breastfeeding, and it was perfectly acceptable for a venue to expect a mum to "sit in a corner, or whatever it might be."  


Finding himself in the eye of a swiftly gathering media storm, Mr Farage decided to issue a statement claiming that he had not in fact said that mothers should be forced to breastfeed out of sight.  

"I personally have no problem with mothers breastfeeding wherever they want," the statement read.  "I remarked that perhaps they might ask women to sit in a corner. Did I say I believe they should have to? No. Did I say I personally endorse this concept? No."

Hmmmm (again).

Let's hope he feels a bit of a tit.