Liar, liar, campaign's on fire

As a father of two young kids, I am forever making clear that telling fibs is not acceptable.  And, to be fair, it is advice they generally heed.

But with the General Election campaign now moving into overdrive, it seems that some politicians had more flexible parents.

When in vote-winning mode, it is prudent politics to emphasise the positives, go easy on the negatives and seek to avoid talking about issues that you don't understand. 

And never tell downright lies.   

Sadly, whoever is advising the Conservative candidate for Argyle and Bute failed to mention the latter to his or her charge in advance of a debate with the other candidates on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning.

Our Tory friend was arguing with his UKIP opponent who ended up losing her cool - and went for the jugular.

UKIP candidate: "Why did you phone the UKIP office and beg us not to put a candidate up against you?"

Conservative candidate: "No I did not."

UKIP candidate: "Yes you did.  I answered the phone."

There you go kids.  Don't tell lies.