Seven go to Salford

The eyes of the communications and political worlds (together with a few million others) will be focussed on Salford this evening and the hotly-anticipated ITV Leaders' Debate.

It will be the only time in this General Election campaign when Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Miliband go toe to toe.  But they will not be alone.  

Because what makes the event so novel is the presence and participation of Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg, the SNP's Nicola Surgeon, Nigel Farage of UKIP, Leanne Wood from Plaid Cymru and Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett.     

And anyone who says they know what's going to happen is lying.  In truth, no one has any idea - which is what makes the whole thing potentially so watchable.

But that will not stop the never-ending queue of talking heads lining up to offer predictions, and mandatory handy hints for participants.

The best advice I've heard thus far comes from the man (missed his name, sorry) who coached Clegg to victory in his famous "I agree with Nick" encounter with Cameron and Gordon Brown five years ago:

"Look confident, don't throw up and claim victory afterwards."


The fun starts on ITV at 8pm this evening.