A touch of class from Charles Kennedy

On this dark morning when news broke of the sad passing of Charles Kennedy, a letter has emerged which confirms why so many political watchers and others will remember him fondly.

He was principled, he was generous in his manner and - as people who knew him well have said - he was immensely entertaining.

Which brings me to the note.   Unbeknown to many begrudging voters, politicians' postbags - real and virtual - are forever bulging with requests for odd and often surreal information.  Some MPs will choose not to respond to these, but others will.  

So, in case you can't read the content of  Mr Kennedy's reply to Mr Lucas of Berkshire above, here it is:

Dear Mr Lucas

Thank you for your letter of support and question regarding The Muppets.  I am very sorry about the delay in replying.

In response to your question I would like to say that my favourite Muppet is Gonzo.  Even though he is blue he is a nice guy.  

Thank once again for your letter and best wishes.

Yours sincerely

Rt. Hon Charles Kennedy MP

He will be greatly missed.