Balls to Blatter

And so the preening peacock that is Sepp Blatter could hold on no longer.

After weeks of immensely damaging publicity for FIFA which included the arrests of seven leading executives and a similar number of indictments against others with links to world football's governing body, President Blatter chose to fall on his sword.

It is noteworthy that, since the news broke yesterday, FIFA's principal sponsors have been queuing up to trumpet their joy at Blatter's impending departure (which could take up to nine months).    

These are the self-same financial backers who were somewhat more reserved in their public words of condemnation last week when they clearly mattered more. 

So why did he finally chose to "do the decent thing?"

Because he "does not seem to be supported by everyone in the world," as he claimed himself?

Was he suddenly dazzled by the glare of the self-awareness and the personal public relations disaster he had become?

Was more pressure being applied behind the scenes by FIFA's sponsors than the watching world was aware of?

Or was it the fact that - according to informed reports in the United States - no-nonsense investigators at the FBI are now closing in on Blatter himself?

Time will undoubtedly tell, and most likely sooner rather than later.

In the meantime,  VANBAR associates stands ready to assist FIFA in rebuilding its shredded global reputation.   (You never know who reads this).