Twitter twaddle

Twitter can be an invaluable source of information and comment, as well as a very useful promotional tool for any business or organisation wishing to get its message out.  

But it can also be a cesspit of abuse, misinformation and bullying.

This was underlined over the past couple of days when the former Republic of Ireland footballer, Kevin Kilbane, was targeted by trolls upset that he dared speak up against obscene chanting from a small band of West Ham fans.        

Although he didn't attend Sunday's game at Tottenham Hotspur, he heard about the chanting - mocking people with Down's Syndrome - from a friend who was there.  

Kilbane's 10-year-old daughter Elsie has the condition.  And being in the privileged position to do something positive about these things, he rang the Football Association to make his views known.

Top man, top dad - good for him.

The result?  Vile abuse and hideous slurs from a sad procession of dark souls on Twitter. 

But Kilbane was not for having it and yesterday spoke to BBC Radio 5 Live.  You can hear what he said by clicking HERE.  It's worth a listen.

We heard it at VANBAR Towers and offered our support on Twitter.

And a few minutes later, our Tweet was read out live on air.

Suddenly Twitter felt like a mildly better place.  But still a medium where you must tread carefully.